A Friend to Myself

A Friend to Myself

what a gift was that question
it enchanted my day
how can i be a friend to myself?
a text message – a reaching out

is this not a question
to ask of ourselves?
a seeking for answers
as one inwardly delves

and what was the answer
to this sincere request?
i so wanted to answer
and so did my best

the first from a teacher
of not long ago
“the view from the balcony”
is one way to go

imagine you are viewing
the stage right below
and you may be one actor
in the scene – friend or foe?

being the observer
allows emotions to settle
and how other players act
also emerges with the facts
more easily understood
and what could be the happy ending?
what messages do you
want to be sending?

another answer
came from one child
handling their behaviours
that were sometimes quite wild

a reversal of roles
often would help
“what would you do  (or say)
if you had a little boy
and he did that?”

 the answer was easy
when it was replayed
as someone else’s behaviour
the child became the parent portrayed
how did the child feel?
how did the parent feel?
what was real?

and thirdly so simple
to do just what they had done
reach out to others and ask
when a question is asked
the student is ready, keen to receive
and the lesson can be a gift
and a way-changer

and finally the opportunity
to share and to praise
how much appreciated
is their kindness and their way

this too we can learn
to do for ourselves
a pat on the back
or a compliment that swells
into a story that an admirer tells

let’s be friends with ourselves
then with others too
conscious, aware
in all that we do

gagi    01/30/21
inspired by and dedicated to Mark