A Lesson of Great Beauty

A Lesson of Great Beauty

a lesson of great beauty was shared this oneness day
offered to a discussion about what’s keeping peace at bay
a suggestion was shared that the reason is exclusion
and small pockets of peace is a sort of illusion

to become a peaceful planet it will require inclusion
an understanding that all of us are part of the whole
and a picture was painted on how to achieve this
here is the model that all can implement as a goal

when a group or a sector gather together
setting parameters or boundaries around what they’ve believed
they purposely or automatically exclude some others
and even wanting peace, this will not be achieved

those who are excluded yet wanting to participate
have a way to do so by a much more effective means
seeing that they sit outside of that circle
they can encircle or ensphere it with a much larger memes

this is the way of inclusion
it is the solution
the way to peace
the way we can be

let us model it now
and start with our families
let us reach out to friends
with an intention that mends

let us take down the fences
the walls that divide us
let us share our divisions
those thoughts that divide

let us celebrate differences
and honour uniqueness
let us share from our hearts
this is how to survive

and let us revive
that dream of the future
peace on earth
and add
thru goodwill to all   

gagi     10/25/15