Abstract Conclusions

Abstract Conclusions

abstract conclusions can be thrown out the door
misguided justice can be never more
arguments given for what has no defence
often results in false claims so immense

when between two people a problem exists
they can communicate with words or sometimes with fists
add in tribunals with agendas of their own
and a massive imbalance in outcome is sown

pray for deliverance from all that’s unjust
let the beleaguered have hope and have trust
amazing injustices are being witnessed right now
those who judge others by not knowing how

not knowing the depths of relationships’ growth
by taking sides with one, not understanding both
passive aggressive means to an end
realize these actions, for unfair results will append

appending a judgement to an innocent act
can easily sway others away from the fact
that inside the heart, truth will remain
immune from the actions of others trying to stain

to stain the character of another is a crime in itself
who are we to judge another’s innermost wealth?
may we learn and discern what is best for ourselves
and honour the rights of those wanting help

injustice can be overcome by allowing all to be heard
communicating in their way, their hope will be spurred
spurred on to believing their perspective is received
and their very intention is what is to be believed

gagi        10/26/15