A Mountain to Climb

A Mountain to Climb

we stand around the periphery
of a mountain to climb
there are many pathways to get there
we don’t have to stand in line

there feels a sense of urgency
to climb to the peak
a desire, a pull, a knowingness
a common goal we seek

we view this mountain differently
a perspective from where we stand
the path we choose to climb it
depends on the lay of the land

we’ve come prepared with all we need
to climb to the peak
we know it’s there, shrouded in myst
the very thing we seek

even if we cannot see it
we know we must climb up
and any obstacles along the way
will be overcome by giving others a hand up

encouraged by the distance climbed
we’ll sense when we’re almost there
and once we’re there it will be clear to see
the view we sought is who we be
a view held inside for us to bare
and from this place, this we share

our expansive view
our inner peace
a love that encompasses all
a recognition we’re all the same
in seeking to answer this sacred call

gagi   10/16/15