A New Stage of Being

A New Stage of Being

a new stage of being has shown up now
and we are all wondering why and just how
how are we to tend to all the navigational fires
all we’ve been nurturing from our deepest desires

like viewed in a mirror, who we are, what we’ve become
is the result of our consciousness and what we have done
we have grown to know the state of all inter-relationships
then have determined the need for transformationalships

the new human’s potential is birthed from our wholeness
a realization of the soul consciousness or of our soulness
our creative endeavours then combined and immersed

immersed and enveloped by the ocean of infinite love
so that all feel the connection to the sacredness of

the sacredness of life and all its potential
NOW we must trust in the next near dimensional
for we have arrived at the gateways of the new
and we are the ones who must decide what to do

leadership dissolved into collaborative strength
identifying our gifts from the width and the length
of all our experience, our interests and passions
of all our connections and beingness refashioned

wanting to bring these gifts to the door
wanting to sweep the past off the floor
wanting to dance and create the new music
wanting the new system and how to use it

what are the answers to the passions we feel?
how to optimize our gifts and what to reveal?
how to be the calm in the midst of this chaos?
how to follow our guidance, deepening our trust?

first comes the knowingness that all is emerging
our infinite wants returned in forms that are surging
our collective excitement is fuelling the change
and we can surrender as the worlds rearrange

surrender to the non-linear self-organizing system
understand our intentions have enhanced collective wisdom
as all has been emerging into a multi-dimensional converging
we gather to receive the newness that’s surging

the newness asks we remember this need to surrender
surrender pasts as unseen or leaders we’ve been
to become co-creators to a future we have seen
all have a gift or many to be shared
beauty to be acknowledged and no longer compared

to optimize our gifts and bring them to the circle
is to be aware of the attraction of others to this miracle
as we gather to share our genius and strengths
a new order of creation will form ’round the circular lengths

some are the visionaries and can see the potentials
some can stabilize, some exchange basic essentials
some have the systems and some do the doing
all brought together, we’re on the new ship, crewing

often we’ll exchange the roles we are playing
as new challenges are met by the immediacy weighing
the answers are given towards making a decision
prioritizing, activating and constantly staging

commitment entrained, hearts fired up
extraordinary creations about to erupt
and to open and recognize we’re not alone
there’s multi-dimensional presence as we enter this zone
enabling the sight of an infinite-eyed drone

the noosphere was formed by the networking of thoughts
consciousness evolved into walking our talk
technology assisting in communication of oneness
the sphere has formed but is far from its doneness

the noosphere is a sphere, now ensphering the Earth
we are a part of co-creating humanity’s re-birth
the outer limits of the sphere have the sensors essential
for they are the connection to the multi-dimensional

consciously asking for sacred guidance and wisdoms
open to receiving perspectives before coordinating decisions
the outer membrane of the noosphere is both a cocoon and a brain
protective and receptive, porous and breathing
it’s a powerful container to all we’re receiving
and an instrument to discern what we’re believing

we are the hosts, able to invite in
all the solutions to the chaos of the spiralling spin
able to transform all suffering that exists
able to bring peace and love into our midst

now recognizing those that are aware of this new stage of being
are being responsible and sharing what they feel and are seeing
being given creative ways and extraordinary means
they invite all in to allow
the formation of
the new

gagi        12/03/15 & 12/04/15 & 12/07/15 & 12/08/15