A Peaceful Solution

A Peaceful Solution

the quagmire of differences presents at a time
when forward movement has stalled, all are resigned
and exchanges are made and the goal is obscured
damage has happened, sometimes revenge has occurred

take us now to a place that is calm and is still
into our hearts where there is peace and goodwill
stay there and be, be all that you are
can there not be a solution before going too far?

what was the goal, the passion and thread?
what brought you together to share and break bread?
what did each contribute and offer to give
to bring change to this world so others can live?

a departure from the passion that brought you together
has created a storm of the worst kind of weather
and who is equipped to survive such a storm?
only those who remember to what purpose they were born

to recognize each challenge you are given is a gift
to step back and observe what is the simple cause of a rift
perspectives are held and beliefs can be strong
all garnered from experience and a list that is long

we are taught by our multi-dimensional friends
that wisdom not knowledge is what truly transcends
the highest form of intelligence is not our thought
it is the wisdom
the gems of wisdom, that each soul has brought

cast out all the fears, all the doubts and the judgements
return to the place where there is no separation
return to the language that is common to all
the language of love, let your soul help you recall

to speak from the heart and listen from there too
speak of your visions, what’s important to you
what can be achieved as we all work together
for only thru oneness, united and free
will we ever achieve what we’ve come here to be

separation, condemnation will never achieve
what gratitude can – trying to experience as others do see
compassion, forgiveness and a willingness to be
all that we are and all we can be
together, unique, contributing and free

be now the love that only you can be
return – don’t delete, shift – don’t escape
for the love and the joy and the peace are all free
to be accessed through combining the gifts that we be

gagi   05/02/14