A Pleasing Template

A Pleasing Template

a clean slate
new moon today
a new beginning
time to play

the old erased
to be replaced
now an empty space
a sacred place

to create the new
design, invent
we have the tools
for what they’re meant

the pen, the brush
the ball of clay
are made of Love
with Love we’ll play

the colours, textures
shapes we’ll use
a blend of lives
and wisdoms fused

we’re not alone
my life is yours
we share the oneness
right to our cores

and so together
as we create
the new forms become
the new template

let us shine
with Love and Light
let us be happy
joyous, bright

let us play
and celebrate
every aspect of
what we create

and as we learn
and grow some more
let there always be room
to freely explore

and add to Creation
with a loving touch
a new ingredient
agreed upon as such

a scent, a sound
a taste that’s sweet
knowing Creation’s journey
is never complete

and the gift we have
is to begin right now
with love and choices
we truly know how

to come together
and to create
the most wondrous
imaginative, pleasing

gagi        03/01/14