A Poet’s View of Co-Creation

A Poet’s View of Co-Creation

continued……into our millennia
forward in time

opportunities budding
along the timeline

scarcity branching
into the unknown
let’s slow down long enough
to see what we’ve grown

the scarcity question
what is it we find?
are we really lacking
and a lack of what kind?

for some it is money
others it may be food
some may say safety
many – a multitude

trace back all the branches
of the scarcity tree
what is the source
of this current calamity?
or is it more an opportunity?
to awaken

have we forgotten
to love and to share?
have we a habit of judging
and wanting to compare?

what we share on this planet
is earth, water and air
other life now is suffering
because we’ve forgotten to care

our systems are broken
they simply don’t make sense
it is time on our timeline
to understand and commence

commence being responsible
and together we’ll find
there is an abundance of everything
not just the material kind

let us be free
to love and to be
in our decisions
re-creating creativity

gagi      08/10/18