And What of the Middle?

And What of the Middle?

That central place
That singular dot
That inward space
that seekers sought

To find it once
is to return
It’s the compass point
for which we yearn

To go there now
it’s in your middle
To align from there
it is the riddle

The solar plexus
marks that spot
A radiant place
from a single dot

Follow the rays
from above and below
They’ll take you there
from high and low

Follow too the rays
that also extend
from front and back
into centre again

And from each side
there are two more
Bring them in
right to the core

The lines defined
from a singular spot
Now envision geometry
around that dot

Picture being within
a diamond form
and then a cube
and sphere are born

Go again
to that central spot
Radiant solar
singular dot

Repeat the lines
and shapes again
Two more times
to integrate them

Centre above, above centre
Centre below, below centre
Centre forward, forward centre
Centre back, back centre
Centre left, left centre
Centre right, right centre
Diamond * Cube* Sphere

Three times done
You’re centred now
and can align
and this is how

Picture a diamond star
deep within the Earth
and another above you
equi-distant from her girth

Now breathe between
these points of light
thru a luminous line
thats glowing bright

This silver/gold line
runs thru your singular dot
and by breathing it
alignment is taught

When we align
with all that is
we have access to
the multi-dimensional biz

The business of
multi-dimensional being
is sharing perspectives
from where we’re seeing

And once we’ve shared
felt and compared
we can then co-create
from the Creator’s laird

gagi      09/22/13

adapted from multi-dimensional teachings