Apples and Oranges

Apples and Oranges

the fruits of our labours
diverse in form
bring forth the beauty
of uniqueness that’s born

although very different
colour, shape and size
all have their gifts
beauty’s enterprize

delivering their flavours
and the seeds of the future
colourful textures and their juices
are life giving boosters

some stand alone
all can be mixed
inviting creation
of a fruit salad that depicts

a blending, a collaborative
each enhancing another
creating much more
for the unique new mix lover

and where are they found
these fruits of creation?
locations as diverse as
their flavourful orchestration

the apples so sweet
come from the temperate zone
the oranges, heat loving
in the warm zones they’re grown

times are a changing
micro climates can be created
new types can be grown
new locations populated

apples, oranges and others
don’t need to be compared
their beauty is unique
and enhanced when it’s shared

gagi      06/09/16