Arrival at Oneness

Arriving at Oneness

I felt the energy arrive
like a whole swarm of bees
returning to their hive

The significance of Oneness
a long forgotten sense
now fully embodied
in the present tense

The multi-dimensions
must want me to feel it
for i have been taken to circle
so they can reveal it

A newness abounds
The circle feels polished
There is a pristine quality
All density abolished

The perimeter is ringed
by a continuous tube
of rainbow colours blending
sphere, diamond and cube

There is no separation
like numbers on a clock
There is a ring around the circle
One vessel at dock

To arrive at the circle
and be taken into the ring
is like joining a choir
who with one voice can sing

I remember now a message
received long ago
Received from the multitudes
but as one voice, i know

So this was the structure
the way of combining
the multiple perspectives
and agreement refining

They wanted to show me
how creation can flow
The movement ’round the tube
began to go slow

The geometric shapes
that floated within
individuated in colour
holding something within

What occurred next
is hard to describe
There was an outflow of colour
to circle’s centre alive

There it became a creation
of both beauty and form
with an intention to celebrate
its potential that’s born

The creation then is taken
to a destination that’s waiting
and the whole perimeter of circle
gets back to creating

Rainbow hues keep dancing
as they flow round and round
blending the aspects of
light, love and sound

No wonder our Earth home
is so wondrously receptive
Our environment of water
is a container whose objective

is to receive and then give
creation’s diversity
an environment to flourish
and be a universe city

gagi     10/26/13