The Story Shared

The Story Shared

In answer to my question/prayers last night…this came thru very quickly about 4:30 am…this was instead of a poem that has woken me to be written each day for about the last month…( first line is when i woke up and i started to type right away. i was expecting it)

As we enter these times, we can only begin to understand how to access the light body thru anti-matter gravity.

Let us explain. Matter exists by the frequency of light condensing into a form of anti-theorem quantification. New words for you. Space existence quantified by the interstellar polarities extrapolated into finite specificies. The intricate modifications that occur are not only condensed but also biofied. This allows for life forms that exist beyond the spectrum of alzo. Alzo is the magnified speed calibration source.

Quantum biomechanics are only practical in a self sustaining environment. This is what Earth’s biosphere was created for. Many life forms have come and gone. Yours, the human form, was created after the extinction of the dinosaur habitation, an occupation that was destructive to the very basis of cooperative sustainability.

The review has taken place. The human life form has entered a time of judgement and will now have a very short time to extrapolate what can be done to reverse its impact on other life forms on this planet as well as inform how it can co-exist with the very nature of its present insensitivity to others of its own species. We tell you NOW is the time of judgement. You must act quickly. This is not to install fear. It is to activate those who know how to bring forth the love, the wisdom, the co-creative solutions and those who are, right now, connecting in to the multi-dimensional guidance and resources that are available to them.

Anything, anyone, any structural organization that does not have the interest of All at heart, will be fragmented only to be reconstituted into a friable medium that is useful. Don’t try to “look up” what that means as you have no concept or experience of this. You have asked for the story. This is the last chapter before the next story in the Earth’s series.

Can you explain what the next series will look like? Will we become light bodies?

The orbitals will condense in a matter of time sequencing. This will allow you easy access to your full light body form that is usually only there for you when you “die” out of your physical forms. A few of course have transitioned and returned so have a sense of what has been available to the unconscious ones. However, to be able to have access to your full light body existence you cannot carry the density of the unconsciousness that has permeated your society. The children, the indigenous people who are connected, the caring ones – all are exempt. Those who have meditated and sought after the ways of releasing all from the suffering of their life experiences – they will be easily transitioned. Those, as you have sensed, that are in the pursuit of their personal “happiness” by way of material acquisition, will not have the ability to release this density and will also be transitioned but to a realm that is of similar energy and there they will continue to find their way with the repeated opportunities given to them to what you call “evolve” into the next level of humanization. Oh what glorious examples of higher human existence have been created. Oh what beautiful dedication we have seen by many, many who have lived to help others and understood that others who are suffering are only an extension of themselves. Do you see what a challenge this is going to be for those who cannot even co-exist with their own families?

How much time do we have?

Days and if a consorted effort is made and an appeal by those who feel that they can awaken the dead unconscious ones, there will be an extension given. We cannot say in your terms how long this extension will be.

I ask now for that extension. There are many right now trying to design the New Ways. I know we can create the changes necessary to achieve peace, balance and sustainability on Earth…to be able to live in harmony with all life forms. We can now communicate with others thru the internet and reach a good portion of the world’s population. People will have a choice…how many would choose to enter into the repeated cycles of reincarnation to work thru their weaknesses. They may now be in a position of power or great wealth, but surely that is only to experience one aspect of the society they have created…they will experience all.

We hear your request and it will be added to those of the others who are petitioning.

Thank you. Can you please give us access to the New Story, to the records of those who have attempted in the past or are being right now, models to a way of life here by being love?

Yes – we believe that is your request of us and why we are allowing you to have access.
Let us begin. Silence. Enter the silence. Quiet the mind. Quiet the breathing. Become the very breath that is breathing you. Enter the inner spaces that are infinite. Feel the sensations beyond your 5 senses. Connect into the rhythms of your heart beat. Entrain with your living host, Earth. Feel her grounding foundations that give you life. Be grateful. Be silently aware. Love her as she loves you.
That is how you must begin and where you must return whenever there is any unsettling. Your experience of disorder, chaos, unpleasantries all contribute to the disabilities of your species to live in harmony. YOU MUST be able to see the gifts of the great differences and uniqueness amongst you all. This is the gift of diversity and the very basis of continuous co-creation. We need to have a pooling and sharing of many perspectives in order to define and bring into form, the betterment of where we are. Releasing the old is the healthy way to begin again.
Those who have modelled for you have done so in service to Creator. They know they are but an aspect of creation and are wanting to contribute in a way that can give a push to the advancement of a species that has had such potential but has become a sink hole to the densities of fear and anxiety.
Greed has evolved out of the disparities in communities. Not just a desire to survive but to exist in a level of comfort above others. This has become a disease. And the cure? Compassion, sharing, letting go of your material dreams and dreaming a future where all can live at a level of existence that is both complementary to and connected to their planet and their fellow life forms. Please add to your writing that other life forms include not only those that you identify as plant and animal but the very structural elements…the elementals…the air, the water, the earth and the fire…the four basic ingredients of life. Your species cannot continue to try to extract or mine what is not theirs. They cannot pollute the very elements that are necessary for life. They cannot play with fire without understanding the consequences. The mastery of understanding this and its connection to the universe and the multi-universes is the key to your future. What more do you need?

A story. Like one of our myths that have given us a vision and hope that anything can be accomplished.

(Smiling) Once upon a time, when time existed, there was a little girl and a smaller boy who arrived on a planet wanting to play. They had not realized when they wished their wish that they would not be returning for a very long time. They did not know what time was. Yet here they were. They came into a loving family, a mother and father who loved them dearly. A planet of wondrous trees, flowers and birds. Many animals that were even living right in the  homes of people who cared for them. The outdoors was their playground. Music was their joy…their family even sang to each other often instead of talking…..was this what they had dreamed of in their wishing times? Almost…but what they did not know was all they had dreamed of existed only here and there was more. Their parents, in an effort to provide the very best for the children that they loved, had entered into the never ending cycle of work to provide more and it was creating a sadness in the children. They wanted time to play and experience life WITH their parents.They did not want a bigger home, clothes, the niceties that another might have. They knew that they had chosen the quality of love in these two and they wanted to share that. So the children hatched a plan. They began to identify the people and the situations that took them away from being with their parents. They encouraged them when they did acts of kindness and joined in. They gave away what they were not using and helped their parents do the same. They quietened their days and their ways. They lived in great appreciation for All That Is. They spoke of how they saw things and how they could be. Their family was evolving. This family had relatives and they too were affected thru the sharing of life experiences. Neighbours and friends, even business associates were influenced by the family’s awareness and it attracted the interest of others who had similar awareness of wanting to live in a caring, harmonious way. Whole communities were evolving at a grass roots level. The children were the beginning but also the children of the past who had recognized why they had come. The New Way had begun to take form and it was unstoppable. There was much intrigue and seemingly insurmountable obstacles as those who wanted to hold on to their power and control kept trying to install fear into the masses. The film and television industry, computer games and news media that had been major vehicles for this delivery of fear were losing their audiences. Do you want us to continue…?

No i can see the story line and it is happening. Thank you. Eating…healing…resting in nature…yes all can be re-visited and changed from where we have been.

We must go now. We hope we have supplied what you have asked for…do not worry about the beginning. We had to get your attention and your understanding of the science is secondary to what needs to be the understanding of what a human being was meant to be and who a human being is.

Adonai until then.

Our love and our gratitude for your caring answers

gagi     10/25/13