Ask and It Shall Be Given

Ask and It Shall Be Given

ask and it shall be given
words gifted to answer our prayer
what we really, really want
is present layer, upon layer, upon layer

as we are becoming, we have become
especially as we give of ourselves in service
the pain and the suffering we witness each day
seen as it continues to surface

opportunities abound, feet on the ground
walking our truth, connected
loving and sharing from the abundance of life
as each opportunity is intersected

ask and it shall be given
ask for help in making a decision
as decisions can divide
ask for the answer to provide
a solution to combined perspectives

ask and it shall be given
ask for the global needs
ask to be a part of solutions
distilling from past dilutions

distilling the best
the flavourful quest
the answers to our calls
ringing from the halls
of deliverance

always we are heard
and always it is inferred
when we ask from the heart
it becomes “add to cart”

readied to be processed
responding to our requests
to fill the needy with love
transformative love
at its best

gagi        10/08/15