Avenue of Trees

Avenue of Trees
it was a dream vision
remembered while waking up
such a keeper
and with warm water in my cup
let me share
from a much more complicated dream
this vision was seen
to never be forgotten
i was riding a bike
returning to where i was staying
following a loose group of riders
trailing behind
there came a quick sign
indicating a choice
a small country road
but to same destination
i was in no hurry
and love to explore
it was an opportunity
to go thru a new door
and wow!
it took my breath away
the most beautiful avenue of trees
a dirt path off to the left
i steered onto it
can still smell the damp earth
the magnificent trees almost touched each other
making a tunnel
inviting us on
their fullness and beauty
was all enveloping
i still feel their presence
and it is in perfect resonance
to an email received
to plant bare-rooted trees
an inspired
weekend project
gagi     01/28/23