Banking Expired

Banking Expired

the ways of the old
when we traded in gold
now expired

the ways of the past
when cheques replaced cash
now expired

the ways then elastic
cash replaced by plastic
now expired

the ways much more recent
interest rates on the descent
now expired

the ways we’ve been banking
economies tanking
now expired

welcome the new
coming full circle it’s true
contributing what we do
recognized for its value
what we do will ensue
into a value exchange
play it forward, a game
piecing an economy
based on autonomy
working together
as birds of a feather
sharing our skills
full of goodwill
creating solutions
ending pollutions
living in harmony
past released
released disharmony
banking expired
new economies inspired
by caring for all

money not needed
for there’s no longer a need
when we’ve done away
with what was known as greed

sharing our abundance
eliminating redundance
cooperative existence
with loving persistence
giving all that we can
to help our fellow man
moved by the intent
to understand what suffering meant
and eliminate its existence
with our loving persistence
to exchange in a new way
what if banking expired to say
all loans are forgiven
debts are underwritten
by a desire to give
so that all now may live
sufferance free?
starting over?

gagi   03/01/15