Begin Again

Begin Again

begin again
pick up your pen
and write what wants
to flow

a point in time
or of a line
can start or end
at will

the choice is yours
to open doors
or close and 
leave behind

to start anew
is up to you
like a child
in the morn

awaken happy
open up and see
with eyes of wonder 
and joy

a brand new day
and time to play
i want to start
right now

come out and play
on this beautiful day
there’s so much
we can explore

i’ll wait for you
to join me too
and while i wait 
i’ll plan

it’s so exciting
to be inviting
others to play
 2 day

a day of fun
has just begun
let spirit create
and body make
bringing “imagine it” here
of all we hold dear

creating reality
out of duality
until there’s a oneness
and a sense of doneness

can’t wait
don’t be late
come have fun
i’ve already begun

would love 
to share
be there
be aware
be a spiral
with no rival
let’s play!

gagi    TBL