Let It Be

Let It Be

Oh let it be
Let what was be
Let what is be
Let the future gently unfold

The blessings of being
are not just what we’re seeing
but what we are feeling too

It takes time to adjust
and the time is a must
allowing each one to heal

I honour you each
and with my love reach
to touch you, to hold you, to be

And when we are ready
feeling centred and steady
we will share with others this journey

Two great loves brought us to being
now both departed yet still seeing
and feeling and loving us all

Let us honour this process
being gentle and aware of stress
Together we are birthing the new

Being close to our families
before opening the dam ways
and releasing all that we’ve held

we’ll allow emotions to settle
gather wisdom’s precious medal
shining through to enlighten us all


What was their purpose?
What did they gift us?
What ancestors’ baton was passed on?
Treasure these times
Surrender what binds
and be the love that we are

Be a part of the Mar

gagi    TBL