Begin at the End

Begin at the End

There is no beginning
There is no end
Our thoughts and our feelings
we continuously send

And if we were to imagine
and go there to see –
what is the end point
where we’d want to be?

Sense now that vision –
the divine and the pure
What does it look like?
What is its lure?

What do you hear there?
It’s of laughter and joy –
the playing and giggling
of little girl and boy

There is movement and music
and sensuous tone –
voices and song birds
and yes – the bees’ drone

and there’s a happy ET
who says “ET phoned home!”

The sounds of this destiny
continue to play
Now what does it look like –
we’ll ask if we may?

Colour and renewal
can be used to describe
the vision of something
so breathtakingly alive

A plethora of creation
so diverse and immense
with an interconnectiveness
that is totally present tense

The richness and harmony
of creation at play –
observed and cherished
in an infinite way

Now this point of our destiny
also has smell
We can follow our noses
and get there as well

A sense of the scents
so wondrous and fine tuned
noting pungent and sweet
like honey that’s spooned

Colourful, variable
long lasting or brief –
the scents here that greet us
imbue contrast and relief

The scents stir our memories
imagination and more
Connections are enhanced
thru the olfactory door

And then too there’s taste
Can we go far beyond
the comfort of the familiar
and experience a new bond?

To visit this end point
can we taste it too?
It’s a way of exploring
and appreciating what’s new

What other tastes
besides sweet, sour and salt?
Will bitter exist
in this place of gestalt

Imagine, imagine
an explosion of new
flavours and combos
that are stimulating you

And now let us feel
into this place we have gone
Feel into it deeply
for feeling does spawn

a beautiful peace
a softness and warmth
a radiance of light
that clothes like a gown
a full spectrum of textures
and a movement of breezes
touching our essence
with an awakening that teases

Feeling into this place
with an awareness so whole –
It is multi-dimensional


Yes love is our goal!

To begin at the end –
to begin there with love –
now fly back to the present –
the peace flight of the dove

gagi     09/23/13