There blossoms through the ages
Many developing progressive stages
Each stage is fed by the one before
Each as it blossoms shows an open door

Each door leads to a new way of living
To new ways to receive and new ways of giving
Each stage has a key that unlocks the heart
Each doorway we walk through has a message to impart

Through this life and through each lifetime
The corridors extend like an endless timeline
Doorways leading to expansion of beauty
Opportunities to serve in sacred duty

And then ahead we feel completion
The opportunities sought have reached depletion
And as we slow to a place of contentment
We are aware we have reached that stage of

Betweenment is the empty space
Where silence and stillness reside with grace
When heart and mind are one and the same
Quiet yet open – love is the flame

The flame of love cannot be extinguished
And in Betweenment it cannot be diminished
This single flame burns steady and still
Burning strong in Betweenment until….

gagi     TBL