Blossoms of Eternity

Blossoms of Eternity

mother, father
sister, brother
childhood friend
when their life’s near the end
we are called to be there once again

a time of reflection
happy memories, shared lifetimes
often gaps in our timelines
though always the connection
to the same vine

its the back to our roots time
love exposed, intertwined
strengthened by our common roots
we once again reveal our truths
or simply be together
having grown

let us shed the leaves of our sorrow
they will fuel a fertile morrow
let us celebrate their soul’s journey
honour who they have been and will be
for as their spirit lives on
and can be called upon
to enter as a presence
both sacred and free
their presence a comfort
to you and to me
and an aspect of the we
we have consciously become

a lifetime is thus carried on
to be contained in our song
and for as long as we can sing
what joy it will bring
these blossoms of eternity
blessed, blessed be

gagi      03/25/19