Body Language

Body Language

the human body is meant to show emotion
our essence is that of an emotional being
we are meant to feel into all we experience
feelings interpreted, then given a response

and what of those who have learned to show no emotion?
their eyes, their faces devoid of their character
no smile lines, no furrow of the brow
that usually is etched on their faces by now

for those who can read another’s energy field
what emotions they carry is always revealed
is there love in their hearts, fear, pain or a desire for control?
sometimes a distain for others when control is their goal

those with a passion for loving and giving
exude these qualities by the way they are living
fully aware, connected to the present
they offer of themselves, we can feel what they meant

communication is not all by the voice
our posture and movement gives us a choice
to fully embody all that we are
an emotional being shines like a star

the beauty of showing the emotions we feel
is that we show to others we have nothing to conceal
to know ourselves and share all that we are
lends so much more to communication
and understanding the Mar

gagi        08/07/15