Bridges of Time

Bridges of Time

begin – frigily

specify the bridges
bridges of time
linking the platforms
of spaces divine

look at the bridges
their structures define
be part of that strength
to connect all thru time

a bridge is an element
passageway clear
linking two spaces
and making them near

floating above
and resting below
a thread is a start
to initiate the flow

rise up and stream down
again and again
thicken the strand
until it can stand
with strength and
with purpose
a vehicle of sorts
the arc of a covenant
you are the spark

the spark to begin
to construct your own bridge
allowing you access
to truly all that is

build it with care
build it with love
walk on it often
to below and above

give others access
as it becomes strong
soon it can carry
what you call a throng

let everyone find
their own way to above
don’t push them or pull them
or give them a shove

the work of the building
of your bridge and others
will give access to the seekers
to the answer that covers
all questions and queries
all puzzles and more
the answer you are seeking
is right thru that door

the bridge to above
it leads to a gate
the key to its access
is to let go of hate

for you who have done this
the gate ceases to exist
the doorway is open
don’t knock with a fist

walk thru and be welcomed
from all that are here
we await your emergence
with hearts full and clear

transparent is love
yet shimmering and bright
engulfing the observed
with God’s holy light

bridge builders, light holders
begin yet again
build spans o’er expanses
constructing the Way

we’ll meet you and greet you
and invite you to stay
or perhaps travel back and forth
as you continue to play

gagi     TBL