Bring Your Presence to the World

Bring Your Presence to the World

recognize your gifts
bring your presence to the world
know your wholeness
an expression of love

the world will become
all that you gift it
time now to emerge and converge
with  the all that we are

the blessings of wholeness
plus wholeness converging
strengthens the fiber
that is weaving the new

the properties of creation
elation and longing
knowing the becoming
of what we can be

positioning our giving
so a world can receive it
singing the alto
masculine/feminine intwined

fine tuning our senses
appreciating silence, the stillness
allowing the flow
surrendering to the new

the newness of you
who have you become?
what are you bringing
to be part of the sum?

multitudes of lifetimes
many generations
contributions and legacies
of wisdom and love

prayers for humanity
prayers for all life forms
prayers for the sentient beings
in oneness we are

let us accept now
we are the future
we’re creating the more
creating with love

measure your intakes
weigh in with gratitude
acknowledge the wonder
of infinite love

pull up beside me
i am your sister
share of your beingness
and i’ll share my love

come sit now in circle
dear brothers and sisters
we are the children and the elders

may our voices be heard
our presence is calling
for we have arrived
as the newness so born

gagi     08/25/16