capricious is the adjective
descriptive of these times
unpredictable and volatile
changing what aligns

perhaps to understand this
we must stop and hear the tones
are they coherent?
can we feel them in our bones?

tones are vibrational
their tempo rises at will
to truly feel the tone of love
we must return to be still

and there in the stillness
we empty out and be
and from our empty vessel
we yearn for what we cannot see

so perhaps we can hear it
this tone of love and of bliss
the sound of children’s laughter
the lingering of a kiss
the awe as we feel beauty
yes listen to this

the quiet of a star-lit sky
the warmth of the sun
tune in and listen
sound sensitivity has begun

do we listen with our ears
or is it with our heart?
perhaps our whole body
with radiant fields as a part

part of the way of receiving
and the radiating of our selves
participating in all that is
creating where each self dwells

always an element of creation
what tone is required to thrive?
it is the sound of the torus
as it resides within, inside

there is a tone that is constant
with slow mesmerizing speed
a rhythm with this tempo
and a resonance to heed

ignore the noise of the outer world
take time to go within
listen to the tone of love
and let your new life begin

gagi      05/10/19 & 05/11/19