Champions of Mirth

Champions of Mirth
we take ourselves too seriously
we question and we guess
if we only knew the unseen ones
are watching and know best
as we struggle on this plane on Earth
with frustration and overwhelm
they laugh at us for they know
we were never at the helm
about the past – don’t go back there
it is old, old, old, old, old
with our feet on Earth we anchor here
and can just follow what the heart is told
the present tense is what was meant
to provide us with opportunities
honour our guides and the new archives
and draw on what we share
play with imagination, evoke creation
have fun with our roles and embrace
the times are here to totally change gear
and transform our human race
we’re the entertainment of those who observe
they’ve become the champions of mirth
lighten up and surrender into the splendour
and experience our rebirth
gagi     11/12/21