Cherish the Oneness

Cherish the Oneness

cherish the oneness
and be the divine
ancient suspension
in love that’s aligned

aligned with the elements
of creation’s design
we are the amplitude
we are not confined

release any shackles
by which we’ve imagined we’re held
shake loose the strands
where we felt so compelled

compelled to follow
compelled not to feel
freed now forever
to create what is real

enter the heart
the infinite realm
explore and celebrate
for you’re at the helm

fractal emergence
into the new
joining with others
who turn up on cue

absolute clarity
in how to design
a future that welcomes
all into the divine

specialties acknowledged
welcomed and enhanced
each contributing
to the co-creative dance

cherishing the oneness
embellished with love
magnificent new aspects
of what we’ve dreamed of

gagi      10/19/17