we are being asked
to step back and relax
to feel into our essence
to know our own presence
who am i now?
what are my patterns?
who/what do i love?
and why?
who loves me?
and why?
how long will i live?
how do i want to live?
what feels unfinished in my life?
what do i do for fun? am i doing this?
what are my dreams of doing the impossible?
how am i feeding/ envisioning doing these?
what am i holding back from doing?
and why?
who are my champions?
how do they support me?
do i have any disappointments?
and why?
do i have any fears?
and why?
what do i find hard to do, say, hear, feel?
and why?
what is love?
how do i feel and express love?
what has changed in my life?
and always the question why
and then finding our answers
share with those close
discuss our true beingness
and what we want most
to begin as the new
to release all the past
into the future
our visions are cast
gagi     11/11/21