Competition and the Hummingbird

Competition and the Hummingbird

an observation merges out of the past
Hummingbird is teacher and we are the class
the lesson’s on competition or perhaps it is greed
an observation to share – the Hummingbird’s Creed

energy fields and the environment we’re in
can engulf our whole presence affecting our spin
observe the hummingbirds around hurry and lack
they compete for their food and others they attack

now observe in a setting of peace and of sharing
they calmly take turns and there is no comparing
abundance is shared and beauty observed
peaceful and joyful – has it ever occurred …

to share our abundance with joy and with love
an unhurried practice with all being part of
an intention to bring into balance, looking after the all
a lesson to tune into – the Hummingbird’s call

gagi      02/04/19