Conscious Deployment

Conscious Deployment

are we willing to accept this state of affairs?


is there a solution to this imbalance and pollution?


we have learned thru the ages
to listen to our scientists and sages
let us gather their wisdom and knowledge
and first ask the questions

we have been told we are close
to that point of no return

for our planet to continue to support life
what are the issues that are causing strife?
that struggle for survival?


levels of oxygen, CO2, toxic pollution, smoke, air pressure and turbulence


levels of oxygen, temperature, pollution, flooding, drought, erosion of glaciers, water levels


drought, humidity, wind, loss of water sources, loss of species/biodiversity


fracking, earthquakes, mining pollution, erosion, deforestation

and so on…

population imbalances, nuclear disasters, extinction of species, habitat destruction, weather extremes, waste…

can we continue to ignore all that has not been common before?
or do we wait until it impacts our own personal lives and communities?

let us be the solution
let us embody the whole
let us take action
may peace be our goal

with conscious deployment of all that we know
let us be the collaborative collective
and pay the debts that we owe

we created this dilemma
let us now resolve
to be the creative antidote
so we may continue to evolve

gagi     12/24/19