Crimes Against Humanity

Crimes Against Humanity

the very words, crimes against humanity
are very hard to hear – why?
kindness, tolerance, compassion are all
synonyms for the word humanity

to treat another in a humane way
describes what humanity is about
so how is it that a human, of human identity
can mistreat other people, members of his kind?

we have all been responsible for these crimes
throughout history they’ve existed multiple times
and the perpetrators are usually not alone
many have followers, many a clone

deeply within is where to begin
where are we judging?
do we condemn?
what are we guilty of?
do we think for ourselves?
or who do we follow and why?

do we have patience?
do we seek to understand?
do we ever feel jealous?
do we intimidate or demand?

what is our personality?
are we loving and kind?
can we forgive and let go?
does heart rule over mind?

are we generous and supportive?
do we love who we are?
so many questions
we’ve examined so far

to eliminate greed
to love and look after
to enhance life with beauty
to hear joy and laughter

the peace that we seek
the world we desire
must come from ourselves
and from there we’ll inspire

let us forgive
let us find a new way
let us be generous
as we start each new day

a day at a time
a new world we’ll create
from love into oneness
for humanity’s sake

gagi      10/14/18 & 10/17/18