democracy – a system  of governance by the people’s representatives
demo – demonstration of a technique
cracy – denoting a particular form of ruling, governing or influencing  i.e.. autocracy
crazy – not in one’s right mind, acting wild or aggressive
in these times of great change
let us question it all
how did our way of governance
evolve and then fall?
do we all have a voice?
what does representation mean?
are all perspectives examined?
is true justice seen?
are the scientists heard?
are we being proactive?
can we lead with positive change
so the whole world is impacted?
listen to the elders
listen to the youth
listen to our indigenous wisdom
they are all the living proof
they know, we know
we can’t continue this way
let’s focus on a common intention
and let the NEW now have a say
gagi     10/22/21