feeling despondent
an absence of hope and good cheer
where did it come from?
let’s look in the mirror

surrounded by beauty
and love in our lives
something is awakening
our reflections tell no lies

the very essence
of why we are here
is in danger of giving up
when surrounded by fear

constant reminders
relating to climate and life
we cannot ignore
the whole planet is in strife

we must go back to the basics
on how to survive
we can’t throw in the towel
but roll up sleeves and come alive

a passion for life
all forms are at risk
each be a leader
bring solutions to the mix

we have the power
the love and the might
awareness is not enough
come join in the fight

to delay or imagine
what we might have done
is the past way of avoiding
the battle to be won

gagi     07/13/21