Do First What You Fear Most

Do First What You Fear Most
a long time ago a friend shared a favourite quote
and a lesson he lived by
“do first what you fear most”
then the rest will all flow with ease
so….times are really challenging us
feeling overwhelmed?
time to make a list
what are our fears?
why do they exist?
how can we get help?
are they fears or motivators?
what would happen if we changed our beliefs?
the big ones, the really big ones
can be turned over to the unseen
with our prayers and requests
then on our list there will be many about:
and others that are hidden
in our day to day life
ask that question what do you fear most?
then take the most present
and for the day be the host
and entertain them
living aware, questioning, exploring
is our fear metaphoring?
take the first steps
play with it!
have fun, be silly, ridiculous
and you will soon understand
life is just like a game
win some, lose some
but always the challenge
we can overcome
overcome fear
by changing gear
after we stop, look and listen
gagi     05/17/22