E x p a n d

E   x   p   a   n    d

Expand, expand
Expand into the ages
The time has come
to gather the Sages

To keep the wisdom
and not to share
is a fault repeated
so do not despair

The time has come
to change, speak, say
and share with all
Creator’s Way

Expand beyond this universe
Expand beyond this play with verse
Expand beyond the centrifuge
Expand beyond the last deluge

Become the bubble
that can float
with rainbow shimmers
as its coat

A bubble that is free and yet
can merge with others and beget
an astro figure so divine
it sends shivers down one’s spine

Compare the aggregate
of these bubbles
to the invention of
the space telescope Hubble

A new vision and a mirror
of All That Is – through a new eye
that’s surely His

A new vision and a mirror
and now this time
you be the seer

Beyond this realm
and beyond your sight
awaits a place
to which we invite
the many who
desire to come
and dance with us
to the busy hum

Sounds of ecstasy
Sounds of joy
The happy space
of every girl and boy

Join with the children
Be one yourself
and be rid of the sense
of any stealth

Be who you are
and float again
a bubble expanding
and not a pen
that writes and thinks

Just be with all
Listen now –
you’ll hear the call

We await
the bubble wand begins
The winds of time
start their spin

Caress the breeze
It’s early yet
to see how many bubbles
the wand will let
blow free to float
before it thins
and another dip
will then begin
A dip required
required to form
a new set of bubbles
ready to be born
to carry thru
the gifts of the ages
the new expanse
waits for these Sages

Come now and create
your bubble dance
Release from the wand
Now is your chance

Be a sphere of love
a sphere so clear
and merge with others
with hearts that mirror

Carry your love
into the expanse
and swirl with others
in this dance

Rejoice and play
Be a voice this day
Create and make
for the very sake
of the dreams of the ancestors
the guides and cherubs
calling to all
to take note of the narobs

Plenty to draw from
and much to amass
There is only space now
for the very last dash

Be freed dear friends
Be freed from the past
Float away
Become the new mass

Be freed dear friends
and create the new
Quiet now – quiet……
be you

gagi     TBL