Echoes of the Past

Echoes of the Past

from spasms of ecstasy
to spasms of want
the current recirculates
and something is beginning to haunt

impartial release
the result of imbalance
when dancing together
who is leading the dance?

the rhythm, the cue
to each movement that follows
is a synchronized response
where one leads and one follows

the follower surrenders
to the one who is guiding
and at some point can be lost
what is it that’s colliding?

it is not the need
the need to lead that is surfacing
but the desire to honour
the balance of the whole

when two merge into one
it is the merging into one soulness
and once merged it is infinite
those expressions of the whole

allow the whole rhythm
allow total expression
allow the reversal
where the partner can lead

balance is attained
when each guides the other to expression
the passion of the inner
rises up to release

both must trust, totally trust
as they mirror for each other
then the power of the unity
enters into the divine

it is holy to honour
to dance in these hallways
the opportunity to be
the embodiment of free

pray let us be

gagi     04/16/21