Emotional Hierarchy

Emotional Hierarchy

the blending of the new
into the emotional pod
a dissolving of the mainstream
that at first seems odd

an awareness of our emotions
the key to this sequence
then an understanding of their power
to bring forth the next events

the full spectrum of emotions
can be accessed by all
the human experience is
to develop our wherewithal

physical emotions
interpreted by the brain
lead to our feelings
that can be deeply engrained

experiential lifetimes
on the emotional grid
enrich our soul’s journey
by recording what we did

the feelings evoked
can renew or intensify
old responses to emotions
as a lifetime goes by

and so back to the dissolving
of the mainstream that was
dominant trends are blurring
no longer normal because

we now have access
to the all and to what’s been
interpersonal relations
in a new way are seen

dominant emotions
are leading the way
to understanding how our feelings
can be transformed or weighed

love is the predominant
and all inclusive one
and to experience love
is where our life was begun

emotional intelligence
is leading the way
to an evolution of consciousness
that will now have its day

gagi   03/24/18