juxtaposed awareness
of what is and what can be
instills such a passion
it brings us to our knees
a passion to inquire
as to just why this is so
and to pray and ask for guidance
to become what we know
what we know as the wayshowers
we who have lived here in service
we know All can come into being
if humanity changes it way of seeing
to be the love
and see the beauty
once again
our sacred duty
every moment
of every day
we can love each other
into the fray of spell-bound consciousness
until there arrives
this epiphany
to just step away from what we’ve done traditionally
and feel our whole world differently
be guided by what appears as synchrony
see our new world as already here, visually
invite it in as a serendipity
honour the Earth as an aborigine
stabilize as with the whippletree
live in a state of equanimity
love each other unconditionally
explore, celebrate every possibility
connect with heart to heart superconductivity
and recognize our ability
to express ourselves as divinity
what can be
this epiphany?
a sudden revelation
of who we be
as One
one infinite expression
of Love
gagi    10/27/18