Experiencing Sight

Experiencing Sight

from where i could see
is now looking back at me
vision refined
encircled thru time

absent is the rectitude
the need to interpret
only the sanctitude
that all can be perfect

measure the semblance
of the infinite arc
from what i saw back to me
the contrast is stark

everywhere i look,  i now feel
i am what i see
the miraculous transference
is what i see i then be

how has that changed me
in the witnessing now
all of my senses are tuning in to how
massive intelligence is gained just by being
and an understanding of relationship
no longer masked by just seeing
what are we moving to as we experience the more?
how can we ever return to the judgements of before?

spacial awareness now actively engaged
complexities of movement as we become what is staged
massive improvement of understanding how
orchestrated relationships are connecting to allow
a magnificent ensemble of beauty and form
blessed are we who into this world have been born

gagi      09/30/15