Flame of Life

Flame of Life
light a candle
then sit with it in the dark
look at the flame
wait a while
let the flame grow
it burns steady and straight
only disturbed by movement around
the surround
observe the wick
it is hard to see
just a shadow within
the flame
the foot of the flame is bluish
the head of the flame light yellow
and bright
again there is that shadow within
perhaps this is the message
of how we shine our light
from the presence within
can we shine so bright
that our physical body is hard to see?
only a shadow
go within that flame
and feel who you are
there is warmth to the light surrounding
the tip of the flame reaches to the heavens above
 the blue our base roots
the grounding
observe how your light
brightens the room
fading only
into the distance
gagi     05/29/23