Follow the Guidance

Follow the Guidance

to follow the guidance that we ask to receive
is the critical part as we’ve come to believe
for asking for help is the way to achieve
the ways to resolving what we want to relieve

ask and you shall receive
receive and do not leave
the action undone

we are capable of resolving all challenges
we have the capacity for advanced problem solving
we also know that the shared advice or guidance
given when it is requested assists our evolving

then why
do we resist?
why do we insist
in staying
the same?

given a vision or an opportunity for a new decision
can we not discard the old and try the new?
who is the expert? who has the experience?
who have we asked to give us deliverance?

pray now to stop
pray now to unblock
that which is invading
the mind and persuading
us to not try
and remember to ask why
why do i want to suffer
when the answer
has been given?
follow the guidance
it opens the door
to new frontiers
that we can explore

into the future
blessed to design
the ways we are living
and being the divine

gagi      09/02/17