For the Children

For the Children

an awareness of purpose
and the power of love
an interweaving of connections
and the intensity thereof

we have here gathered
we can feel what is known
by living in service
this power has grown

the vibrational frequencies
instrumental and voice
have united soul destinies
we have come here by choice

let us now pray
give thanks and rejoice
and dedicate our practice
to all those girls and those boys

in those parts of the world
torn by conflict and fear
let us focus this power
the power of change is now here

magnified love
from our hearts and beyond
instant transformation
can come from our song

let us be the mirror
let humanity be the seer
seeing a reflection of self
love, joy, peace that there dwells

gratitude for our oneness
embodied as love
for the children we offer
what we have always dreamed of

peace on earth
goodwill and having fun
let us be, let us feel
what this power has done

gagi     03/16/24