Fractured Complexities

Fractured Complexities

brazen be the extinction of thought as we have known it
preambles to the derivative of colossal exposures
being in the knowingness of something so immense
we are in fact experiencing living in the present tense

amblitudes of conciseness splitting all that has been known
fracturing the complexities of the past seeds that were sown
nearness to the divinity of expression of the whole
unity, pure presence, being love is our goal

never in the chaos of the lifetimes we have known
has the nearness of understanding who we be been owned
prayers for the abundance of love in our midst
actuaries of completion to the layers that exist

seminal enquiries to the experiential times
finding the meaningfulness in seeking what makes rhymes
juxtaposed transitions into more than we have seen
wonderment of acquiring both the intentions and the means

the means to exaggerate, embellish and uphold
the holy magnificence of the truth of what is goaled
the treasure of refinement exists in our own hearts
when we are love the external dissolves and soon departs

gagi   06/03/18