thank you for sharing this beautiful photo
it feels like it represents who you are
the woman so in balance with the tree of life
sharing in the warmth of such beautiful light
the symmetry, the symbolism is there
many, many layers, couples the pair

the woman is striding, ready to share
the tree is a Y, symbol of peace and strength
both are visible above the warm earth
both are so connected to and fed by the Earth

there is an invitation to step out of the darkness
and experience what can be seen
the gateway is open
and an ancient well worn path beckons
the massive gate shows support bars with 10 solid rivets
10 is the symbol of manifestation
there are two hearts at the top sides of the gateway
each is composed of 3 diamonds

such beauty and symbolism
thank you for your invitation to experience life
as it can be
when we come together in a shared vision

gagi   02/07/15