From the Horizon

From the Horizon

from the horizon the new emerges
the invisible gap that is stitched with serges
the above and below meld on this plane
and to invert our perspective all is rearranged

copacetic and creative design
selective additions when all aligns
deliberate enhancement of all that is
cherishing the new because it is

freedom of movement relaxes the frame
expansion of fields into voyageurs’ new range
compression of obstacles ’til they no longer exist
allowing for calmness and flow of the horizontal myst

play with the potential of what we see and feel
the horizon receives and expands to then become real
margins once deformed even out in the flow
imaginal lines dissolving separation as they grow

we are the horizon – this is where we live
our thoughts and our process and how we all give
imagine the potential of what can become
as we release the past and the new is begun

gagi        12/21/19