Getting Ready to Leap

Getting Ready to Leap

Recognizing now to have reached
the edge of the precipice
Gazing beyond to the void
into the great abyss

Steadying, balancing
knowing it’s the place to be
Understanding the journey
has now allowed us to be free

Pausing but fleetingly
Allowing others to arrive
Numbers don’t matter
Who’s ready to take the dive?

Sparkling excitement and
calmness, being content
Eager to take the leap
Stage one is complete

A swan dive
A leap of faith
Jump time

Into the unknown
Baggage cast away, thrown
Into infinity
Owning our divinity

The future imaginable
A paradoxical parable
Bringing our essence
to Creation’s archsplendence

Ready, so ready
Not knowing the trigger point
Prepared and complete now
Taking an exit bow

In gratitude for the journey
and all it allowed
Enriched by experience, wisdom
the great love it endowed

Readied for the change!

gagi     01/05/14