Global Perspective

Global Perspective

eyes wide open
the heart is too
everything’s connected
in all we do

a new understanding of polarities
and how they interact – similarities
the law of attraction – in alignment opposite ends attract
or as like magnetic poles tell
sameness repels, separates as well

(diagram of magnetism)

“A Magnet attracts or repels other Magnets, depending on their mutual orientation of North and South Poles. When placing like Poles of two Magnets together, the Magnets repel each other, Figure 2. However, if opposite Poles are placed together, they attract each other.”

a magnet has an energy field
flowing like a torus returning the yield
and when two magnets are in alignment
there is no confinement
expanding the flow
the field will grow
(as above)

when two exact fields are brought together
two magnets’ north ends or south
the closer they get together
the more repulsive force is exerted
one will eventually turn the other
to create an alignment
and allow the flow

(as below)

we do not seek sameness in another
a reflection of self
we seek others who have the same alignment
common passion, new perspectives
as we bring others into this field
we strengthen our power, our force field
and the yield created is a merging of our uniqueness
into a form of obliqueness
veiled or uncertain only until
there is a calling for emergence
in all our strength
bringing in the full alignment
alignment in all its length
a powerful horizon between the dark and light
with the ability to to reflect
and bring balance into sight
capable of converging the challenges
of separation and duality
by harmonizing, restructuring
synonyms with antonyms
new potential, possibilities
creation striving for stability
and onward the spin

gagi   04/26/18 & 04/30/18

First diagram from The Magnet and the Magnetic Field…/2_2_1_MagneticFields.html

Second diagram from: