God is Love

God is Love

God is Love
God IS Love
and yet we are constantly trying to define
“what is love?”
Julien* herself explores this beautifully
and feels the emergence of the divine

to know God is within and God is without
is the essence of knowing what love is about
observing the beauty of nature around us
stirring the feelings within that resound us

where is this going?
to more so much more…

to Iona

from the precipice we learn
what can we discern?
are we within it?
can we climb out?
or are we on the edge?
can we traverse it?
is there fear or a doubt?

to a child a precipice is quite another thing
an adventure ensuing, imagine it, bring
bring in the creative options
what is most fun? what beauty to explore!
what playful companions do sing?

we came to experience
all points of view
the challenges gifted
enabled us to

now return once again
to the knowing God is Love
can we not love this adventure
as we climb to above
or jump, leap across the gap
from this point to the next
trusting God’s presence
experiencing the text
of Julien’s writings
her wisdom, her gift
of sharing the essence
so we don’t go adrift
in the ocean of love
from whence we did come
knowing and feeling this
we have begun
to acknowledge the existence
of Love as the all
to answer our passion
to be Love and call
call out our gladness
our enormous relief
to know God is Love
to confirm our belief
sanctify the teachings
of Julien and her throng
of seekers, fellow journeyers
for we know we all belong
to the very same ocean
the ocean of Love
we are made of it
we’re part of it
witnessed not from above
but from everywhere, from within
submerged, immersed, surrounded

yes we are Love

gagi   09/01/14

(referring to Julien of Norwich)