Grandmother Tree

Grandmother Tree

Grandmother Tree
I stand alone
In the savannah
The lion’s throne

With roots penetrating
deep in the Earth
A place of the dying
A place of re-birth

Two winged cotyledons
once opened and grew
into my form
of one not two

My purpose always
to stand with strength
Energy flowing
circulating my length

This place, this time
under skies of stars
A quiet abounds
like a pregnant pause

The plains lie sleeping
They know to rest
A change is coming
The New addressed

Interplanetary, interstellar
The cosmic rays
Sharing love and wisdom
as Creation plays

Grandmother Tree
adds the stories she’s seen –
her views on how life
on Earth has been

Wisdom of the aged
Young hopes not faded
Love for all life forms
Creation’s diversity

All in attendance
at the great Universe-ity
Sharing perspectives
Setting the stage from complexity

The silence, the still
then the dawn bird’s distant trill

Grandmother Tree’s
not alone

gagi     09/24/13