Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

a guardian angel appears now in form
she was not aware of the purpose to which she was born
yet opportunities flowed into her field now and then
and pulled her awareness to do what and when

a willingness to serve so others were safe
a compassion for those who had fallen from grace
an insight so deep it became her sixth sense
an ability to relax when others were tense

happy to be in nature and free
feeling her connection with all was the key
nudged by any ripple that was disturbing the calm
feeling her guidance flowing into each palm

cherishing beauty and the diversity of life
recognizing the potential of where there was strife
capturing the essence of love that’s contained
warming it, releasing it so more could be gained

watch for this angel as she appears in your day
feel the love and support she is sending your way
understand too there is so much to do
you may be called on to be a g-angel too

gagi      01/07/15