Happy Birthday Dear Friend

Happy Birthday Dear Friend

Go quietly now
Dance lightly on your toes
The heavy load is lifted
The future now exposed

Carry forth the lessons
The learning that is yours
Gift it to the multitudes
As your ancestors have before

Dear friend you are treasured
One of the modern day sages
You’ve appeared yet again
As we turn the pages

Your family through example
Gave you strength and gave you love
Your children have followed
With their connections to above

Yours friends gather in gratitude
Your leadership is humble
Strength and love and courage too
Have allowed the old to crumble

Replaced by the new
A shared vision strong
Gathered from all the directions
We’ve found where we belong

With a future that’s bright
We’ve come to dance in the light
With peace and joy reflections
Viewed in all directions

Dance lightly now
Celebrate this time
Happy Birthday dear friend
You have a newness divine

gagi      08/11/17